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To equip men and women as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, and Ministry of Helps, and through them establish churches throughout Arizona, the United States and the World.


You’ll become someone your church knows they can count on in any situation! You’ll grow in the things of the Spirit while learning the scriptural, ethical, and proven methods and principles of conducting a ministry. In the end, you’ll know not only how to start your ministry but how to keep it running strong. This program will give you the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to be successful. Not only will you be fully prepared to face the challenges of ministry in the 21st century, but you’ll hold a distinct edge as you step out to fulfill what God has called you to do. Don’t settle for learning about God. Learn from Him and hear His voice today. After completion you will qualify to participate in our MTI graduation ceremony and receive a DIPLOMA IN PRACTICAL THEOLOGY… START TODAY.

Prepare for success in ministry



How To Make Your Vision Clear

How Faith Works 1

How Faith Works 2

Ministry of Helps

Soul Winning 1

Soul Winning 2



Gifts of The Spirit 1

Gifts of The Spirit 2


Biblical Finance 1

Biblical Finance 2

Blood Covenant

Leadership 1

Leadership 2

Excellence in Ministry

Spiritual Authority

Understanding Your  Call

Gift of Apostle

Gift of Prophet

Ministry of Angels


Gift of Evangelist

Gift of Pastor

Gift of Teacher

Marriage & Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Youth Ministry


Premarital Counseling

Marriage Ceremony


Biblical Counseling

Ministerial Ethics



Sermon Preparation

Sermon Presentation

Goal Setting

Church Planting 1

Church Planting 2


For a detailed list go to the All Courses page.


How To Make Your Vision Clear

Prerequisite: Discipleship.

Faith 1

Faith – Part 1

Prerequisite: How to make your vision clear.


Faith – Part 2

Prerequisite: Faith - part 1.

Ministry of Helps

Ministry Of Helps

Prerequisite: Faith - part 2.

Soul Winning

Soul Winning – Part 1

Prerequisite: Ministry of helps.

Soul Winning 2

Soul Winning – Part 2

Prerequisite: Soul winning - part 1.


Healing the Sick

Prerequisite: Soul winning - part 2.

Gift of Grace

Gift of Grace

Prerequisite: Healing the sick.

Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit

Prerequisite: Gift of grace.

holy bible

Biblical Finance

Prerequisite: Gifts of the Spirit.


Blood Covenant

Prerequisite: Biblical finance.

Excellence in Ministry

Excellence in Ministry

Prerequisite: Blood covenant.

Bible guy

Spiritual Authority

Prerequisite: Spiritual authority.

Understanding your call

Understanding Your Call

Prerequisite: Spiritual Authority.


Gift of Apostle

Prerequisite: Understanding your call.

gift of prophet

Gift of Prophet

Prerequisite: Gift of Apostle.


The Ministry of Angels

Prerequisite: Gift of prophet.

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What is the Ministry Training Institute

Ministry Training Institute is an Extension of International Association of Ministries. Which exists to equip passionate followers of Christ in God’s Word and create a pathway for a lifelong learning.

Dr Alfred Craig Sr
Dr. Alfred E. Craig Sr.

We want you to know that we’re praying for you. God has GREAT plans for you (Jer. 29:11)!

No. While we believe there is a place for accreditation, it is our desire to keep it simple, accessible and affordable. While accreditation is not outside of the scope of possibility, we also want to be careful not to be unduly burdened by requirements of an outside accreditation body. This school is designed for the purposes of learning God’s Word.

A new world of Learning awaits you! Do not miss this opportunity to discover and fulfill God’s Plan and Purpose for your life.

What Our Students Have to Say

I am a leader of a school of theology and leadership, when I came to MTI I saw quite a lot, it is a kind of revival, revival of knowledge, vision and so many things, it's going to be an explosive time when I go back to my assignmet.
Rev. Madu Udeobi
Capital Bible & Leadership Academy
I am actually, very impressed because it's a total package of bible college. I'm much impacted, the things I thought I had learned, I discovered that I had not even started.
Evangelist Miracle Isong
NewDay Newspaper
MTI has greatly impacted my life, my vision has sharpen, my perspective, my understanding, my horizon, everything about my life. Everything about MTI is just heavenly sent.
Pastor P. Marbu
President, International Word Centre
MTI has really sharpen my understanding, increased my reasoning and my perspective in ministry. I discovered a lot of things that actually I've not known before, and even what I knew I never understood the magnitude of each of them.
Rev. Dr. Alfred Ikyo
Agape Love Ministry